Sep  9 15:54:00 -- MARK --

I don't really have anything to update on so I thought I would just put up a quick entry to say "I'm still around". I'm kept busy working two jobs at the moment and that doesn't leave any time really for games and the like, but life is good. And I know that Quake will still be here when things get back to some kind of normalcy.

hello i'm very interesting in packagin and distributing the tyrquake to my debian derivative but i dont see a link or place to report issues or a contact form

i fin the git page wiht some activites, bt i have some questions: * the most important: can i use software rendering? * the port compalint home director and dir data files? * the port are compatible with quakeworld at map level?

Comment by mckaygerhard Wed Sep 2 04:46:53 2015