descriptionTyrann's enhanced Quake engine.
ownerKevin Shanahan,,,
last change
0ca7766 Eric Wasylishen model: Increase precision of lightmap extents cal… master
23119f4 Kevin Shanahan server: bump MAX_MODELS static limit
adc7356 Kevin Shanahan server: bump MAX_EDICTS static limit
f703319 Kevin Shanahan server: improve error message when too many brush…
b46aa1d Kevin Shanahan model: use MAX_OSPATH for gl mesh cache path
59d54b5 Kevin Shanahan input: fix compile on in_win.c
899ef77 Kevin Shanahan Merge branch 'master' of git://…
f44e7bb Kevin Shanahan changelog: amend entry for bsp2 support to show b…
eb1f83d Kevin Shanahan model: factor out common code from leaf loading f…
c3a3600 Kevin Shanahan model: use a common function to load bsp lumps wh…
ffbc721 Kevin Shanahan model: don't load an extra edge in Mod_LoadEdges_*
f5b93ea Kevin Shanahan model: support two types of BSP2 models
c927c6e Kevin Shanahan build: use single call to wildcard for depfiles
4d46bf3 Kevin Shanahan cdaudio: document the cd audio console commands
6ea7f4b Kevin Shanahan input: document mlook and m_freelook
60a7067 svdijk input: new cvar m_freelook for mouse looking
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