descriptionTyrann's Quake Utilities
ownerKevin Shanahan,,,
last change
5111c54 Eric Wasylishen qbsp: account for miptex struct in wad3 lump disk… master
4df394f Eric Wasylishen light: Increase precision of lightmap extents cal…
90aa616 Kevin Shanahan qbsp: fix coordinates in degenerate edge error in…
191bc63 Kevin Shanahan build: bump the fallback version number in Makefi…
bdd2ac6 Kevin Shanahan bsputil: fix wad export from bsp with missing tex…
063880e Kevin Shanahan TyrUtils v0.15
2726819 Kevin Shanahan doc: catch up some changelog entries
d68748d Kevin Shanahan light: fix minlight clamping for coloured lights
df9c82e Kevin Shanahan qbsp: improve a few error messages using new line…
06583de Kevin Shanahan qbsp: save line number information when generatin…
e40c68a Kevin Shanahan qbsp: use explicit cast to short in ExportLeaf_BS…
fa48825 Kevin Shanahan qbsp: make transparent water the default for visi…
f9d1f50 Kevin Shanahan qbsp: increase MAXEDGES from 32 to 64
88db6a7 Kevin Shanahan qbsp: remember to ignore func_group entities for …
e8d1f59 Kevin Shanahan qbsp: fix parsing of texture names containing cur…
f6a3700 Kevin Shanahan TyrUtils v0.14
v0.15 TyrUtils v0.15
v0.14 TyrUtils v0.14
v0.13 TyrUtils v0.13
v0.12 TyrUtils v0.12
v0.11 TyrUtils v0.11
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v0.2 TyrUtils v0.2
v0.1 Tyr-Utils v0.1