Gibbie has posted a Frogbot waypoint file for EDC over at FMODs (in the Maps/Waypoints section - and you'll find there is also one for Aggressor). If you know how to use this, then great. If not then you can find more information at Metropolis and FMODs... or to make things a little easier, I've made a progs.dat to replace the one in your frogbot dir which supports a few of my favourite maps:

So, in short, to get going just download the latest frogbot, unzip it into a directory named 'frogbot' under your quake dir, then unzip my progs.dat into your frogbot dir, replacing the old progs.dat. Then just start a game from the command line something like this:

QUAKE.EXE -game frogbot -zone 1024 -listen 16 +map edc

Once you're in, just type addbot a few times at the console to add some bots.

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