Ow, my head hurts! Yes, uni work comes down on me again and it's a killer. (You know it wouldn't get so bad if I didn't have the urge to spend every minute mapping or playing Quake. I guess I bring it on myself ;)

Check Peekaboom's page for a rather large update, including my own author page =). The page has a review of EDC and makes a few good points about the map. However I just thought that I'd clarify something - EDC was not intended to be the total DFA frag-per-second map that Aggressor was. It's a step back and I hope people can appreciate the more tactical 1on1 setup. Ok, it's not that tactical - but I like it ;)

My SP map is getting there, most of the architechture is there and I'm starting to stock the map with weapons/ammo/monsters/etc and tweak the lighting. Have I said this map is huge before? Anyway I hope to get a preliminary version done soon (read: about two weeks - hey, it's a lot of work and I'm busy ;) and have a few friends test it. We'll see how it goes from there.

I've been messing around with some of the Fat Controller's stuff for the OUM project and it's gonna be fun. I won't be mapping intensively for this until I finish 'the castle map' but I'll be tinkering with it now and then.

Quake3Arena - Bloody hell!! With the release of the test on the Mac there's screenshot's-a-plenty hanging about of the test levels. I'm getting REALLY excited about this game. From all reports, the movement physics and gameplay are perfect and we all know that it looks great ;) I hope it's as good as they say 'coz I wanna do some fancy mapping with coloured lights and curves =)

I might disappear for a week or so while I catch up on some uni work and finish my SP map. I'll still be hanging around - so feel free to bug me, but I prolly won't update my page for a while. Cya soon.

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