...or lack thereof. I've been working like crazy all this time, and I've only had a few spare hours to work on my map. I'm still making progress, which is the important part. My editor is grinding to a halt now under the size of this map due to lack of memory (and I have 128MB!). Hopefully I'll be getting a bit more money soon from all this work I've been doing and I'll buy some more memory to speed things up a bit.

What else has been happening? Well two excellent maps have been released - on the same day I believe. The first of these is from Peej, the next in the 'strafin' series entitled strafin6 - Quake Addiction. The second is from Pingu called Return to Atlantis. Stop right now and just download both these maps.

I've been told that I'm allowed to feel smug now. Head on over to Multiplayer Quake and have a look in their top 10 reviews section. I think you can see where this is heading... ;)

Q3A test for windows should be available later tonight...

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