I've been trying to think of something I could update my page with but really I haven't got anything to say 'cept that I'm still working hard... I have exams coming up soon, so expect me to disappear for a couple of weeks for that.

I've been stacking a few more monsters and stuff into my map and I'm quite surprised at how much fun it is to play so far! I was starting to worry that after all this work building the structure, the map might not have the gameplay to match, but it's shaping up quite nicely =).

Exams finish up at the end of June, and after that I have three weeks holidays (yay!). After all my promises, I have to get this map finished by this time and I'm pretty confident about an early July release. (If I told you late June, that's just because I stuffed up my exam timetable, sorry.)

The mapping scene seems to have been a little quiet of late but you can find catch up on pretty much anything you missed between Frib's and Peej's pages. One thing of interest that I saw on the Qboard was that Mattias Konradsson (aka Preacher of Aerowalk fame) is currently involved in a big project for a site 'leveldesign.com'.

One of our main missions will be push for authors and maps. To provide
a channel through which we can make things a bit more "official", wish
us luck :)

Good luck mate! Apparently they are hoping to launch the site 'this summer' which I think is late winter here in Oz. Sounds pretty good to me.

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