Well, it looks like I had some 3000 people through my site with that mention on pic of the day - Hopefully a few of you found something you liked an will continue to drop by =). I made a couple of small adjustments to the page - I removed the borders from the news headings and messed around with the left frame a bit to make it behave a little better in Netscape at higher resolutions.

I haven't touched my editor since last update - I've got my head buried in the books, studying for exams right now - so there's no progress to report. Quite a few of my fellow mappers have made the move to PlanetQuake recently, the newest additions being Excessus, Cheshire, Aardappel, Vondur, Ninja, Damaul and Wrath. All the links on my err... ?links page should be up to date now as well.

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