First order of business today is to tell you about Damaul's latest single player map, Bestial Devastation. Dressed up in the texture set first used by Headshot in his deathmatch map Dead Bodies Everywhere, this map has a feel that hasn't been seen before in a single player map - as well as being an absolute blast to play. Stop messing about and head over to Damaul's Place and grab it (make sure you read the important note while downloading the map).

Also released recently was Bal's latest DM creation, Scrap Metal. I haven't had the chance to play it properly yet, but I took a quick run through. The open layout of the 'main atrium' reminds me of Jvox's Jakie Brown, but this map has it's own original look and feel, with a brand new texture set as well. Highly recommended =).

Hmmm, what else... ah, there's been a few more mappers moved to planetquake since my last update: Fat Controller, Fresh Team, Hot Cakes and Ogro. And there's more to come from what I hear!

Unless something exceptional happens that I just have to report, I won't be back here to update for another ten days (June 30th). Just four exams to go...

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