At first it seemed like a case of really bad timing, when Mr. Shambler thought he wouldn't be around this at all this weekend to review the 'feast' of single player maps that coincidently all got released at the same time. Well, it turned out that his plans fell through so, if you head over to the TeamShambler website, you'll find reviews of 3 new releases: 'Runners Delight Episode', 'Castle Gothgola' and my very own 'Moonlight Assault' =).

I've decided to take the rest of the week to focus entirely on my course work at Uni, since I have a bit of catching up to do. If I get everything done, I'll be starting this weekend on my map for the Fat Controller's Operation Urth Majik project. This is gonna be a lot of fun =). I'll also be having a look back at the beginning's of a 6th DM map that I laid down a little while ago.

Oh, don't tell anyone, but I've also begun woking on a secret little side project. I'm not going say anything much about it for quite some time, because it will take a long time, and may not actually amount to anything anyway. What I will say is that it is something new for me, and it is mapping related. So why did I mention it now? Well, I wanted to say something, but... ermm... I think I'll just shut my mouth now. =P

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