A whole month gone? Better post a quick update then ;)

Not a whole lot to report since the vast majority of my time is still taken up with study - but only 12 days to go! Arghh! I can't wait =). What I have been doing is drawing out a couple of ideas on paper for my OUM map. I've got some interesting stuff there which is going to be fun trying to put into the editor. I tried a few things with rotating entities - which I hadn't used before - and that gave me some ideas as well.

Other than that, I have had a bit of a play with QERadiant in preperation for Q3A mapping. It looks like quite a nice editor - the main thing I noticed was the speed difference I got compared to my usual editor (BSP), since I was able to use the OpenGL acceleration of my TNT. Very cool.

There was one other thing to say, now what was it... no I don't think there was after all. Hmmm. After a while you run out of things to say when you keep updating your site with news about nothing...

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