Work on dm map number six is coming along nicely. Very nicely. Yes, I think you're going to like it. I just need to force myself to stop playing against those pesky omicron bots long enough to get some lighting done and fix up a few rough edges. There's plenty of FFA action to be had in here and it happens to play quite nicely as a 1-on-1 map. This was the one I planned as FFA only by the way. My other DM map has fallen behind a bit since this one started going so well.

I hit a bit of a snag with Tronyn's OUM map which I'm just finishing up now. We had some trouble with an actor jumping off a boat when he was supposed to ride along, but Fatty seems to have gotten that sorted now. God knows how this project is going to feel when we put it all together, but I guarantee* that there's some fun to be had in there ;-)

In the process of working my DM map, I got rather annoyed at the number of wasted polygons in some of the scenes which were obscured by brush based entities, yet still getting drawn (and adding to the r_speeds). So I spent some time going through the Quake engine source learning how it works out what to draw, and come up with an idea. I wrote a small program that goes through a compiled BSP and takes any faces with a texture named "SKIP" and removes them. It seems to work fairly well from the tests I have done. You can try out a preliminary version of the program here if you are adventurous (very minimal instructions). I will post another version with some decent instructions and source code soon (probably next update). If you do try the program, let me know how it works for you.

One more little thing, Tronyn asked me if he could use the tree prefab from Moonlight Assault in one of his projects, so I decided that I may as well put it up here and anyone else can use it too. You can download the (tiny) map file here.

And the results are in... I passed my exams! Actually everything happened really fast and I had my graduation on the 21st of December and it all went great. So I'm not the proud owner of a piece of paper that should open a few doors, jobwise (...and if "jobwise" isn't a word, then it should be).

Tyrann - BSc Maths/Comp Sci

* Guarantees may not be honored.

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