I think the title up there says it all, Operation: Urth Majik has been released!

Operation: Urth Majik is a new single player episode for Quake. It's the creation of Fat Controller, Tronyn, Apollo and myself. Check out the home page for more details and a download.

I had planned to release my new single player map today, but (as usual) things went amiss right at the end. QBSP insisted on spewing out silly inconsistant errors at random stages of the compile process. After much trial and error I discovered the section of the map that was causing the problem, but the only way to fix it seemed to be to redo the whole section from scratch! So that's what I did, and now the compiler has settled down again. Now I've got to redo the lighting and fix all the entity placements before it'll be ready. I reckon a couple of days should do it. Early next week I should be done I think.

It's been an interesting month, lots of stuff happening, largely thanks to the Quake Expo being on. Make sure you pay the site a visit and have a browse through the booths because there's loads of stuff worth checking out. My booth is right here.

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