Ah, it's been a pretty hectic month with lots of (real life) changes. The biggest change is that now I am working full time, which is taking a little getting used to. It takes a while to get used to having to go to bed by midnight each night, since I'd gotten quite used to staying up till 3am most nights of the week. I could make it through when only working two or three days, but not five in a row on a regular basis.

I've been playing a couple of games too. I picked up a copy of GTA III for my PC and had loads of fun playing that. Lots of varied and interesting missions and a wonderfully free and interactive playing environment. Also picked up a copy of Morrowind which was quite nice. Miles of beatiful landscape, some really nice architecture in places and a storyline with enormous scope and freedom. I might take a look at the mapping tools included sometime, but I suspect it's mostly a bit of landscaping and placing prefabs to suit.

Almost no Quake stuff happening right now, since I usually feel completely drained of energy by the time I get home from work. I have done a small amount of work on my engine, but still nothing too exciting there yet. Somebody is going to scream at me, but I've decided to scrap the idbase map I'd been working on for a while and start again. I will be reusing parts of what I've done, but I'll be very careful about doing stuff to confuse the compiler this time =). Hmmm, yes I still haven't fixed qbsp =(.

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