About Quake

Quake is an action game by id Software released in 1996. It's a shooter similar in style to Doom, but featuring a fully 3d environments and enemies. The ability to play networked games with other players immediately made the game very popular with the online community. Later, id Software released a freely downloadable update specifically targeted at improving play on the internet, even over slow modem connections. This was known as "QuakeWorld" and hundreds of servers popped up all over the place.

The game is more of a nostalgia piece these days, but there is a small and very active community of people producing and playing new content even now.

About Me

My real name is Kevin Shanahan and I reside in Adelaide, South Australia. I spent a long while working in IT and doing software development in my own time before switching over to working as a software developer around 2014. Not yet in the game industry, but I am working towards that.

Quake was a very important game for me, tied up with many great memories of LAN parties with friends and late nights working on the fine details of level design and aesthetics. My quake player name was always 'Tyrann', which doesn't really have a cool story behind it - only I thought it sounded badass at the time. Now, not so much but it has stuck.

If you've got some questions or comments about my site, my work or just mapping in general, you can contact me at tyrann@disenchant.net.