About Quake

Quake is an action game by id Software released in 1996. It's a shooter similar in style to Doom, but featuring a fully 3d environments and enemies. The ability to play networked games with other players immediately made the game very popular with the online community. Later, id Software released a freely downloadable update specifically targeted at improving play on the internet, even over slow modem connections. This was known as "QuakeWorld" and hundreds of servers popped up all over the place.

Although the game's popularity had diminished with the release of the follow-ups "Quake 2" and "Quake III: Arena", you can still find a few servers around.

The game's ability to be easily modified and customised has spawned countless addon maps and modifications and is probably the single biggest contributor to the game's longevity. The game still commands a stong following today, mostly with those who enjoy downloading and playing the modifications that are made available online by their creators.

About Me

My real name is Kevin Shanahan and I reside in Adelaide, South Australia. I completed my degree (Maths and Computer Science) at the University of Adelaide in 2000 and have since been working as a network administator and also in a general IT support role.

In my spare time I like coming up with new designs and levels for Quake. I also do a bit of programming (on the map compile utils and a little engine hacking), but level design is still my true love. I maintain this site so I have a place to show off my work and let people know what I'm up to.

If you've got some questions or comments about my site, my work or just mapping in general, you can contact me at tyrann@disenchant.net.