Well I got the offer to move my site to planetquake so I took it. Then I figured, what the hell, I may as well do a bit of a redesign (it seems to be the trendy thing to do these days anyway) and here it is. I'm quite proud of the artwork, which I managed to do by myself. Let me know what you think or especially if I messed anything up.

For those of you who don't know about me, I'm Tyrann - Quake mapper extraordinaire (well, extraordinaire might be pushing it :) You can find out a little more about me by looking in the About section of the site. If it's maps you're after, then head on over to the Maps page and have a look around there. If you're a mapper yourself, you should probably go to the Utils page and have a look at my fancy light program :)

Currently I'm working on a medieval style single player map which I have said should be release early next month (when I get some holidays to finish it). If you poke around in my ?archived news you should find a few screenshots of this map which I have posted along the way.

Once that map is out the door, I'll be focusing my efforts on the OUM Single Player Project being run by the multi-talented Fat Controller.

Of course, with all this single player madness surrounding me I probably won't be able to stop myself starting a new deathmatch map ;)

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