I just uploaded the latest version of TyrLite which adds support for Ritual Entertainment's Scourge of Armagon map extensions. I don't think that there's much more to add for now. I also put up a Utils page for the program and added a button on the sidebar for it.

Paul has upload a whole load of reviews on Multiplayer Quake which includes a review of EDC (got 5/5 - Yay!). There's quite a few good maps up there, including Cheshire's latest piece 'Ergonomic Aftermath' which is quite spectacular (he pulled a 5/5 as well).

Skorpion has uploaded the Omicron route file he made for EDC. I seriously recommend getting this file from his site, because using this map with that route hardcoded into the map makes for a very challenging and even somewhat tactical game. Cheers Skorp =)

Overall response to EDC so far has been unbelievably positive. Thanks to everyone who sent me their comments and to all the people that play my maps. You could say I'm 'happy as a sand boy' (right FC? ;)

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