A collection of command line utilities for building Quake levels and working with various Quake file formats. Brief descriptions below:

  • qbsp - Used for turning a .map file into a playable .bsp file.
  • light - Used for lighting a level after the bsp stage. (This util was previously known as TyrLite).
  • vis - Creates the potentially visible set (PVS) for a bsp.
  • bspinfo - Print stats about the data contained in a bsp file.
  • bsputil - Simple tool for manipulation of bsp file data.

Current version: 0.17

The current development code is kept in a public git repository.

  • git clone git://disenchant.net/tyrutils
  • also browseable via the gitweb interface

The links below show the latest changes queued for the next release:

BSP Editor

I didn't make these, but I'm providing a download here because over time they have become more difficult to find as their creators have abandoned them.

BSP - This is the editor I use to make all my maps. It has it's share of problems, but I'm so used to it that it never really holds me back. Long since abandoned by the author, there will be no more updates. You can download the last version that Yahn released here:

Update 2006-07-02 - Yahn handed on the source code and BSP Headquarters has been resurrected. Head on over to check out the latest developments.

BSP Tutorials - These are a series of tutorials written by DeadMeat that used to be available on the now defunct BSP Headquarters. I'm not sure if these are the final versions, but now that the site has gone, it's all I have. The tutorials are divided into two sets: