Hello again, did you miss me? No, I thought not =). Well, I'm sort of back now - I don't really have the time for this stuff, but I'm gonna make the time, damnit. I can't beleive that I've been working 12 hour days for the last 4 weeks and I'm still catching up on my course work. Still, the lure of Quake and the unholy editor becomes too much eventually ;)

I suppose I've missed out on a fair bit of news around the place, although I've tried to stop by the Qboard when I can. Speaking of which, there's an interesting thread over there where a few people have posted pictures of themselves. So if you ever wondered what mappers look like, have a look (and no, my picture isn't up there... yet).

It looks like Gonzo has finally released Warfare 3 - Nubian Chicken Sexer. I haven't seen or played the final version yet, but I did see a couble of the beta versions where Gonzo was having trouble with compile errors, and I can tell you that the map looks damn sweet.

The festivally plump Fat Controller has been on to me about my OUM map, which is obviously not making much progress. Luckily for me the rest of the project seems to be going just as slowly, so I don't feel quite so bad about having contributed so little so far. Despite all these delays, the project has not been cancelled and is still in progress.

There is another Q1SP project on the brew - The Nehahra Project. I was approached to map for this project, but unfortunatly didn't have the time (and still don't). I got to see an early version of some of the new AI/monsters/weapons and I was really very impressed. Keep an eye on this one.

I finally got around to adding Rvis+ to the Utils page. If you haven't heard of it before; it's a version of the rivs program by Antony Suter, which I modified to add a progress indicator to give you some idea of how much of the vis job is left to go.

That's about it. I'll probably be spending some small amounts of time mapping over the next 3-4 weeks - after that I'll have to concentrate on my exams. Here's what I'm doing - Number Theory, Coding and Cryptology, Fields and Geometry, Computer Networks, Advanced Programming Paradigms and Operating Systems. The computer science subjects are actually quite fun and rewarding but the pure mathematics can be a bitch. Maybe I'll actually have some news on my own mapping work next update... we'll see.

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