Well exams are over, and they went ok - no distinctions or anything but I got through which is enough for me since I'm so sick of uni right now. I've spent the last week doing nothing useful whatsoever and enjoyed it immensely =). Checked out a few movies, the most notable being 'Fight Club'. That has to be one of the best movies I've ever seen! - recommended =)

Yesterday, however I spent most of the day in the editor and my 6th DM map is on it's way. The layout feels killer, but there's a lot of work to do yet to get it looking good. It's primarily a 1on1 map, but it looks like it will also work well up to 4 or 5 players as well. I'm pretty excited about this one, but I'm struggling a little to find the right texture set...

I started working on adding a few extra features to TyrLite including the use of a mangle key to set spotlight direction and 'anti-lights'. I'm also going to try to add some extra information to some of the error messages to help authors track down map bugs. These features shouldn't take long, so I'll probably have at least some of them done in a couple of days (depends how much time I spend mapping instead ;) )

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