Ok, I've updated TyrLite and you can now use your skybrushes to cast sunlight in an arbitrary direction - pretty cool if I do say so myself =P. You can check out the new version on the Utils page.

On the new deathmatch map - I'm having thoughts of making it into a Quake3 map, but I'm still not sure. I just got the game today so I'm still making my mind up. The style of the game overall just feels really cool - I love the feel they have created with the new texture set and all those shaders look pretty damn cool too. The intro cinematic was a nice touch =)

Oh yeah, I just got inspired the other day and drew some (more) sketches of some ideas for an OUM map. Damn I gotta get some of this stuff into the editor real soon! Hell it's too hot to do anthing but sit in front of the computer anyway.

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