Yep, I started back at Uni today, but this year it's gonna be quite different. Because I have almost finished my degree, I get a very light subject load this time around, in fact I only have to attend three days a week =). I don't plan on getting extra work during this time, instead I'm going to make the most of the next six months, spending my time pursuing my interests and improving my abilities in areas that I like.

What this means is that I'm probably going to be churning out a bit more "Quake Gear" than I have been recently. I won't be spending all of my time on mapping though. I'll be spending a significant amount of time improving my programming skills, and one way I intend to do that is to design and implement a few mapping tools. That way I get the benefit of practicing my skills and hopefully getting a useful tool at the end. I'm not going into details now on what I have planned because it's going to take a while (since I'm still learning the C/C++ languages).

It pisses me off that they refuse to teach this stuff (which is the most commonly used in the real world) in university, because the lecturers are too caught up in their ideals. I agree that there are (a lot) of superior languages, but that doesn't mean shit if all the job ads say: requires experience programming in C/C++. Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest :-/

Anyway, getting back to the point, the discussion on standardising BSP formats has moved to a private mailing list, but not too much has been discussed yet. The general feeling is that we will use a seperate file that contains all of the extended information (e.g. colored lightmaps). As soon as the details are worked out I'll be looking to push version 1.0 of TyrLite out the door - and when that happens I hope to release the source as well.

Progress on my OUM map has started to take off finally, which is good. Apperently we are aiming to release late March or early April. I haven't looked at my deathmatch map for a while, so it's still stuck where it was before. I'll have to do something about that soon =)

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