I've just uploaded a new version of TyrLite. This is version 0.7 which has quite a few improvements over version 0.5 which I expect most people would still be using (unless you've been playing with the colored lighting support in the 0.6 versions). So head over to the utils page and see if this program is for you.

**note: Until the mirror sites update, they will still be to version 0.5beta. Use this link temporarily (file will be removed from here at a later time).

Now for something far more interesting: Peej 'n' Fribs is gone! But wait, it's actually good news. You see Peej has been hard at work coding a wonderful new site that is totally dynamic and community driven. The site is called Qmap, and you can have a look by clicking the funky new button on the left of screen. In case you've had a really hard day and don't feel like moving the mouse right over there, I've provided a closer link here. Gee I'm good to you, aren't I?

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