Well, the Coagula contest deadline got moved forward to co-incide with the upcoming Quake Expo, so you won't see my finished map until then. I'm not sure how the project with Tronyn and Necros will go - there's still a lot to organise for that. I'm skeptical of whether it will get done in time.

Since I already let a couple of others know about it, I suppose it's ready enough for general release - TyrQuake. It's my modified quake engine I've been toying with for a while. There's nothing terribly exciting really, the changes are all quite minimal. It's mostly an exercise to practise my coding and fix a few bugs as I find them. There's a new link up the top of the page for the engine that will be there from now on.

I decided to release the source files to my previous maps, so you can now find them at the bottom of the maps page. Enjoy.

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