Single Player

Unreleased Base Map

Status: Unreleased
Information: A very large idbase textured single player map. I've had this map on the back-burner for a long time, but I would really like to see it finished one day. Along the way I ran into all sorts of interesting problems trying to get the mapping tools to do things they were never intended to do. Actually, improving the tools (qbsp, light, vis) was one of the most fun parts of working on this map.

Outside In (Coagula Contest 2 entry)

Released: August 14, 2003
Download: (5.1MB)
Information: This was my entry in the Coagula Contest 2. The download features six maps from the various participants, all in the "structures floating in the void" style of the original Coagula maps by Elek.

Operation Urth Majik (OUM)

Released: July 21, 2001
Download: (10.2 MB)
Information: A six level partial conversion featuring work by Fat Controller, Tronyn, Apollo and myself. More information can be found on the project's home page.

Moonlight Assault

Released: August 12, 1999
Download: (1.2 MB)
Information: Large medieval castle with lots of exploration and interesting combat. See the accomanying text file for a nice background story.

Escape from Actaltraz

Released: January 24, 1998
Download: (1.1 MB)
Information: My first map, a rather large military base. Much to my surprise at the time, this map received some glowing reviews, so it's worth your time to have a look.


Dark Ritual

Released: July 6, 2002
Download: (383 kB)
Information: A dark and atmospheric map, designed for 2-8 players (6 seems to be the sweet spot here). With this one I wanted to capture the excitement of Aggressor's vertical combat, but at the same time provide a playground for more tactical battles.

Eternal Dismemberment Complex

Released: April 18, 1999
Download: (213 kB)
Information: Small Quake 2 styled base geared for fast combat with 2-4 players. I went all out with the looks on this one, particularly with the details in the lighting.


Released: February 9, 1999
Download: (246 kB)
Information: Brutal vertical action is the order of the day here. A medium sized base map that plays well with anywhere from 2-8 players, the more the bloodier. This is still my favourite ;-)

Spare Elbow

Released: December 28, 1998
Download: (102 kB)
Information: Small map focused on fast 1 vs 1 action. Seems difficult to maintain absolute control over the map, so it provides quite an even game for evenly matched opponents.

Cruel Comfort

Released: September 13, 1998
Download: (348 kB)
Information: Started learning a bit more about how to stimulate good gameplay with the map layout here. Larger than usual scale tends to make the combat more long range. Provides a bit of fun with 4-6 players.


Released: August 13, 1998
Download: (295 kB)
Information: My second map and my first attempt at deathmatch. I didn't really have much understanding of the gameplay mechanics at this point, so this one's actually pretty boring. Try 4-6 players.

Map Sources

Here are the map source files to the levels listed above. There are a couple of exceptions though; has been lost - I just can't find a copy of it anywhere... it's probably not that interesting anyway. For OUM, I can only release OUM3 since that map was entirely my creation, but the others I worked on were joint projects.

Textures are not provided here - if you want them, you'll have to extract them from the original bsp yourself. There are plenty of tools to do this (the bsputil tool included in my utilities can do it).

These source files are licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL. A copy of the license is included with the downloads.