What an eventful month. First one of my hard drives died, which just happens to be the one containing most of my work. Luckily I had a backup of all my mapping which was only a few weeks old, so I didn't lose much of that. I just lost a whole lot of time while I re-configured all the basic services on that PC. What a pain - I want my RAID back 8).

On top of that, a couple of weeks ago I moved into my new house. Actually, I'm quite suprised at how easy that was. I feel like I'm all settled in already.

I've also had another burst of creativity and done some work on my map for the slow moving project that Tronyn, R.P.G. and myself are working on. Necros was helping out too, but he seems to have bowed out. He did kindly leave his unfinished work though, and Tronyn thinks he can turn it into something nice.

Minor site update - I added information about my Coagula map to the maps page (including source).

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