Things have slowed down a bit now that I have caught up with most feature requests. The main one still outstanding is 'phong shading', which I will take a good look at in the not too distant future. I'm hoping to get a release of TyrQuake out soon too - it's been nearly 4 years since the last release!

I think the coolest new feature in this release is the bmodel shadows and self-shadowing.

TyrUtils v0.7 changes:

  • Unix man page documentation for the main tools (qbsp, light, vis)
  • HTML and text documentation is generated from the man page sources
  • qbsp: added support for using WAD3 texture wads used by Hammer
  • qbsp: include clip brushes when calculating bmodel bounding box
  • qbsp: enable creation of clip-only bmodels
  • qbsp: recognise and remove *waterskip, *slimeskip and *lavaskip surfaces
  • qbsp: added hintskip texture support
  • qbsp: fixed some bugs parsing empty func_group/func_detail entities
  • light: implemented self shadowing and full shadows for brush models
  • light: implemented the "-soft" command line option
  • light: implemented the "-addmin" command line option
  • light: implemented the "anglescale" (aka "anglesense") key and cmdline
  • light: remove support for negative color components (never worked properly)
  • light: removed the "-nominlimit" option (now the default behaviour)
  • light: removed the "-compress" option (a bad idea from long ago)
  • light: make -gate command line affect linear falloff lights as well
  • vis: changed the default testlevel to 4
  • vis: added the '-noambient*' options to disable auto ambient sounds.

Download from the utils page as usual (Win32 / OSX / source).