Many OpenGL rendering improvements in this release and the return of OSX PPC builds. Actually I had a lot of fun trying to optimise performance on my old G4 Mac Mini, which does struggle with more detailed maps with lots of enemies. Still a few more ideas to follow through after this, but it's already much better for the more detailed modern maps. Even quite noticable on my more modern, but still not-very-high-end laptop (Intel Core m3-6Y30 CPU @ 0.90GHz, Intel HD Graphics 515).

TyrQuake v0.63 Changes:

  • OpenGL renderer improvements:
    • Much improved speed by batching drawing operations
    • Fullbright pixels now properly rendered
    • If 3+ texture units are available, all materials can be drawn in a single pass
    • Improved fidelity of model skins when NPoT textures unavailable
  • Fix some of the rough edges on mouse grab handling
  • Fixed bug where red/alt console text was not being rendered
  • New 'hudscale' command to scale the size of HUD elements (status bar, etc.)
  • Fixed crosshair rendering for 'crosshair 2'
  • Fixed custom QW skin loading on PPC
  • Updated build system to enable a 'legacy' Universal build on OSX 10.5 and an x64-only build on modern OSX systems.
  • Added a custom Icon for Windows/OSX builds

And pOx, let me know if your Mac build is still broken - it's working for me. (I happened to be looking for the func_water stuff and saw you mentioned on your page, but couldn't find your email!)

Download from the TyrQuake page.