This is my branch of the Quake source code released by id. I've been working on-and-off on it since around 2003. It's intended to support Quake and Quakeworld in both software and GL versions, as well as the Quakeworld Server. It should work well on Windows (XP or later), Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD/OpenBSD. Binaries are available for Windows and OS X binaries are planned for version 0.62.

Mostly TyrQuake's purpose is to satisfy my programming itch, fix any bugs I find and keep the codebase working on modern compilers and runtime environments. I like to support features which enable map designers to create larger and/or more detailed maps than the original game allowed for. What I don't intend to do is to changing the look or feel of the original game, with some exceptions for various non-intrusive or optional features such as smoother model animations, coloured lighting, fullbrights in GLQuake, etc.

Linux users might want to take a look at the Linux Quake How-To.

Some Features:

  • NetQuake & QuakeWorld engines, software and OpenGL rendering
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD support
  • Improved console with command completion
  • Support for maps with extended limits, including BSP2 support
  • Support for FitzQuake and BJPQuake network protocols (can play back demos recorded in these engines)
  • Many, many other bug fixes and minor enhancements

Current Version: 0.61 (Very old! Please check out more recent snapshots)

Random snapshots of the unreleased development version can be found in the snapshots folder. You are encouraged to download, test and report any problems found (please use the latest version available for your OS). There is a TODO page which lists requested, planned and future changes - it is editable so you can add your own too!

Some work-in-progress documentation is available in the git repository. Still very incomplete - there are a lot of command line options, console commands and variables to document. ( html | text ).

The current development code is kept in a Git repository.

  • git clone git://disenchant.net/tyrquake
  • also browseable via the gitweb interface