This release I focused on getting some of the commonly expected features for "modern" source ports working - coloured lighting, fence textures, global fog, skyboxes, alpha blending entities, etc. Another long time feature I wanted to have was water translucency in the software renderer. Once I had that working it wasn't too much of a stretch to get alpha blending of entities ported over as well.


  • Coloured lighting (GL only)
  • Fog (GL only)
  • wateralpha, lavaalpha, slimealpha, telealpha
  • Skybox (GL only)
  • Higher-quality traditional sky in GL
  • Interpolated alias model lighting (smoother transitions)
  • Model interpolation support in QW
  • Fence textures
  • Default to protocol 666 (FitzQuake compatible)
  • Entity alpha support
  • Fixed non-64x64 turbulent textures in software
  • Fixed palette reset on disconnect/reconnect
  • Software renderer now supports translucent fluids and entities
  • Software render now automatically adjusts up r_maxsurfs/r_maxedges as needed

In theory skyboxes in software renderer shouldn't be too difficult and I can even see how coloured lighting could be done, but the restricted palette would make it pretty low fidelity. Most likely the next release will be more bugfix focused, but there's still a few features on my radar.

Download from the TyrQuake page.