I had a few minor fixes queued up for the utils since forever and then had a request for a new feature to allow creating lit files to match existing bsp files. The second version bump came when I realised I had a few breakages in my build scripts on osx.

TyrUtils v.017

  • build: build fixes for osx and fix detection of available cc options

TyrUtils v0.16

  • Added 64-bit builds for windows
  • qbsp: fix the coordinate displayed in degenerate edge error message
  • qbsp: fix disksize calculation when compiling in textures from 'wad3' format wads
  • qbsp: fix handling of absolute paths to wad files beginning with '/' (mac/linux)
  • light: fix lightmap extents calculation precision to match old x87 fpu
  • light: add option to generate a lit file without modifying the bsp
  • bsputil: fix bug exporting textures from bsps that have missing textures

Download from the Utils page.