New Site - The name has changed, but not much else has. You'll find all the familiar stuff here. If you've never been here before - It's all about Quake.

New Engine - I got some inspiration and actually implemented something useful in my engine. There's now a cvar gldrawhull which can be set to 0, 1 or 2 (make sure you set developer 1 first). Setting this to 0 draws the map as normal, but setting it to 1 or 2 will make the engine draw the collision hulls. It's not really polished yet, so on map change you'll have to manually flush the old hull data by setting gldrawhull 0 again. Oh, and as the cvar name implies, this is currently only for the glquake variant and not available in software mode (yet). It's also pretty slow right now as every poly in the visible hull is drawn every frame (i.e. no culling).

New Compiler - Qbsp, that is. Using the new engine goodies mentioned above, I was able to make some improvements to my qbsp compiler. It should now generate much smoother collision hulls for angled brushes, especially for things like terrain. This comes with a bit of a speed hit, since more calculations are involved to process the extra clipping planes and can sometimes result in a higher clipnode count. However, I made some separate improvements in that area so the effect is largely cancelled out. For me, that's not the most exciting thing though. I managed to tweak the precisions used internally well enough that I can now correctly compile the base map I started working on back in 2001 (Holy crap! Has it been that long?). So, yeah, I'm quite persistent.

Oh, this page looks too boring without a screenshot on it. More later.

Preview Screenshot

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