I've been doing some work on my map utils and now that there's a few features worth using, I thought it must be time to make a release. Some overdue changes here, but the one I want to get people to test is the detail brush support. After it took 36 days for my map to vis on a fairly decent 8-core machine I knew it was past time that we had something like this for Quake.

I've tried to improve my documentation a bit, so check out the included text files for the information on how to make use of it.

TyrUtils v0.5 changes:

  • light and vis both now multithreaded on Unix and Windows platforms
  • vis now writes a state file every 5 minutes so it can resume if needed
  • qbsp and vis now support a form of detail brushes, similar to Quake 2. See the included qbsp.txt for further details.

Download from the utils page.

This is also a new website, and in theory it should be possible to leave comments. Assuming that works, please let me know if you find any problems and what features that are still missing that would be most useful to add.

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