Nothing like keeping the momentum going. I've had loads of fun this week really digging into the code and adding the most requested features (and more coming soon!)

TyrUtils v0.6 changes:

  • qbsp: respect floating point texture rotation and shift in map files
  • qbsp: support for Valve's 220 map format used in later Worldcraft/Hammer
  • qbsp: support func_group entities used by Radiant and similar editors
  • qbsp: surfaces with the skip texture are now removed from the compiled bsp
  • qbsp: hint brush support similar to Quake 2 for hand-tweaking the PVS
  • qbsp: fixed a problem where leak files were not written for hull0 or hull1
  • light: fixed a race condition in multithreaded coloured light processing
  • light: fixed bug preventing use of all 4 light styles in a common case
  • light: implemented attenutation formulae "delay" 4+5, ala Bengt's tools
  • light: removed old bsp30 support
  • light: lit files now automatically generated when coloured lights detected
  • light: implemented 4x4 oversampling with -extra4 command line
  • light: implemented the -gate option to help speed processing (default 0.001)
  • light: implemented the "_softangle" key for spotlights
  • light: implemented minlighting for brush models

Download from the utils page (including Mac OS X binaries!)

There is a problem when using Hammer 3.3. That editor uses the wad3 format and apparently the new qbsp can't deal with the .hlwad extension. A map compiled using the new qbsp will not have any textures (although it will load in Quake and the detail brush feature seems to work well). I switched back to the old txqbsp that I was using and the texture reappeared.
Comment by Anonymous Thu Mar 14 04:09:02 2013

Thanks. The next version will support the WAD3 format texture wads used by Hammer. In the meantime this snapshot should get things working.

Comment by kmshanah Thu Mar 14 14:23:40 2013