Time for a new release. The main updates here are fixes for -onlyents compiles, properly parsing texture names containing '{' (for e.g. alpha mask textures) and fixing a bug with minlight clamping when using coloured lighting.

TyrUtils v0.15 changes:

  • qbsp: Cope with textures names containing '{' or '}' (e.g. for alpha mask)
  • qbsp: Increase MAXEDGES limit from 32 to 64
  • qbsp: Make transparent water the default (same as txqbsp)
  • qbsp: Improve some clip hull errors with map source line numbers
  • qbsp: Ignore func_detail entities on -onlyents compiles
  • light: Fix bug with minglight clamping with coloured lighting

Download from the utils page as usual (Win32 / OSX / BSD / Linux / Source).

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