Quite a lot of quality of life improvements and bug fixes in this release.

The largest amount of time was spent on some opengl optimisations. I spent quite a while working on getting opengl vertex buffers working the way I wanted for a bit of a performance boost. Added a vertex program that helps with alias model rendering and a fragment shader to render warping water surfaces more efficiently.


  • Add support for scaling the software renderer output by a factor of 2 or 4
  • Add translucent HUD support ("scr_sbaralpha")
  • Add support for OpenGL vertex program animation interpolation
  • Add support for OpenGL fragment program water surface warping
  • Add support for OpenGL buffer objects to improve rendering performance
  • Add support for DXT texture compression (greatly helps low-memory systems)
  • Add vsync support for most platforms ("vid_vsync")
  • Add anisotropic filtering for OpenGL ("gl_texture_anisotropy")
  • Add back the vid mode test functionality
  • Add cl_maxpitch and cl_minpitch console variables (default 90/-90)
  • Improve FOV calculations to work better with widescreen aspect ratios
  • Improved dynamic lighting performance on OpenGL (removed redundant updates)
  • Fix a few software renderer entity alpha bugs
  • Fix a few more texture reloading bugs in OpenGL
  • Fix framerate on windows when compiled with SDL video/input
  • Fix a few model/sprite clipping bugs the could crash the software renderer

Download from the TyrQuake page.

do you know how to solve the cache_dealloc stuff that keeps appearing whenever I connect to a QW server?
Comment by Anonymous Wed Feb 9 20:45:42 2022

Should be fixed with the new release (version 0.70). Feel free to bug me if it isn't.

Comment by kmshanah Sat Feb 19 15:01:31 2022